Have you ever wondered why auto repair is so expensive? Does it seem unreasonable to you? Well the answer is actually pretty easy, the reason why most mechanics charge so much for their service is because not only have they studied a long time in order to get the right qualifications for the job but it’s also the experience that comes into the cost. You are not just paying for the service that the mechanic is providing you with but also the service of them knows what could be wrong with the vehicle without having to take every screw apart.

is a very hard quest, and it can be frustrating, especially if you are not aware what to look for. First of all, let us recommend that you ask your friends for a recommendation, if your friends already have a good relationship with a mechanic that has proven to be appropriately priced and reliable, then you should get introduced and form a relationship of your own.

If that is not an option, then we recommend reading reviews online, go to some directories and websites where people can leave reviews for local businesses, read through some of these to decide if one catches your eye.

The last recommendation on this subject is to just go to meet some with your car, and let them give you a report on the status of your car, tell them your budget and ask them for their rates. Ask them what kind of parts they use, if they only use parts manufactured by the brand of car that you are driving or if they are happy to use third party parts or sometimes even second hand parts.

Second hand parts; this is such an important subject to consider.

Some parts of your car are extremely expensive to purchase new, a lot of parts are only available by the main manufacturer, and they know this, so they hike the prices right up and you have no choice but to buy that product in order to get your vehicle back on the road. Until now. If you speak to your auto repair crew, I am sure they have connections with some second hand part dealers, or even scrap yards, where you can get some superb quality parts for your vehicle.

Let’s say you have a small fender bender and you now need a new bumper, in a lot of cases this can go into four figure sums. Which is totally unnecessary, call up your local vehicle scrap yard and ask them if they have a vehicle of your make, model and color, and if they do, ask them if you can come and get yourself the front bumper. In most cases, these scrap yards are totally happy for you to do this for a very low fee!

Tires, can also be a very costly purchase, but do they have to be?

Absolutely not, with tires the magical part is that many people change their ways before they have to, for whatever reason. It is said that for a tire to be road legal and efficient it needs 2mm tread left on it. What if I told you that you can find part worn tires to be fitted by your auto repair crew for a fraction of the cost of a new one. In order to find these we recommend calling up your auto repair shop and asking them for a contact, or alternatively you can call the scrap yard where you bought your bumper. We hope that you got everything that you needed in this little blog post. Come back soon!

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