Is Buying A Used Car Warranty A Good Idea?

The process of buying a used car can be quite gruesome, when confronting the used car warranty cost. You need to take the time to cover all your bases to ensure that the savings you make by buying used instead of new remain intact.

One of the trickiest decisions when it comes to buying a used car revolves around used car warranties. The decision to buy or pass up on a used car warranty mostly depends on your appetite for risk, making it far from being straightforward. To some, this warranty is simply a must, while to others, it is nothing but confusing.

Used car warranties may be referred to as service warranties or extended car warranties. These may be provided by manufacturers or third parties and are mainly sold through dealers.  To ensure that you make an informed decision at the end of it all, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of used car warranties to begin with.

The Pros of A Used Car Warranty

First and foremost, these car warranties offer used car buyers some much needed peace of mind. With a used car warranty in place, used car owners can rest assured that any major breakdowns will be fixed at a minimum or no cost to them.

Secondly, since these warranties are offered through dealers, they can be conveniently factored into the vehicle’s purchase price. The dealer handles all the paperwork, and conveniently includes the cost of the warranty in the periodic car payments, if any.

Lastly, these extended car warranties can be customized to meet the car owner’s specific requirements. This saves car owners from having to pay for more cover than they need.

The Cons of A Used Car Warranty

One of the most prominent disadvantages of used car warranties is that they may never be needed. Modern cars are designed to last longer, some for as long as 10 years, without the need for major repairs. As such, used car buyers may end up overpaying for cover that they won’t use.

Add to the above the fact that most of these warranties offer a highly limited scope of cover, and you might not be so attracted to them. The list of excluded repairs is quite long, meaning that you might end up paying for most repairs from your own pocket, even with the warranty in place.

Finally, used car warranties add to the total cost of the car; if your car is financed, you can include the interest on the warranty as well. This effectively eats into the savings initially made on buying a used car.

Judging from the above pros and cons of used car warranties, it’s difficult for you to decide whether it’s a good idea to get it or pass up on it. Keeping the factors listed below in mind before making a final decision.

Think About Your Needs

Take the time to find out whether you really need the warranty cover by first considering your needs. If there’s time remaining on the factory warranty, it might be better to wait until it expires before purchasing an extended warranty.

If the factory warranty is expired, you can save a lot of money by getting a customized warranty that only covers what you think is necessary, instead of splurging on a comprehensive one, bumper to bumper warranty, which will cost more than any repairs you are likely to encounter.

Do Your Research

Before opting in or out of an extended warranty agreement, for your used car, conduct some research on its reliability. Some automotive brands are known to offer relatively shorter factory warranties due to the reliability of their cars. If you are buying a vehicle that is considered to be well built and not prone to breakdowns, especially major ones, then a warranty might not be necessary. On the other hand, if you are buying a car that is known to be prone to breakdowns, a used car warranty will be quite useful.

With the above in mind, it’s essential that you research the specific car’s repair history to get a clear idea on whether you need to buy any cover. The decision on whether or not to buy a used car warranty is quite confusing to say the least. However, with the right preparation, you can be able to make an informed decision on whether it’s a good idea for you or not.

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The Best Used Trucks Under $10,000

Trucks can be quite expensive when you buy them new. In 2018, you see price tags of $30k, $40k and even $50k+. Who wants to pay that much for a truck? As soon as you drive it off the lot, the truck loses value and can be picked up for $10k a few years down the road. You would probably rather put that money into play elsewhere, and so you are looking for great deals. What are the best used trucks for under $10,000?

To be sure, you can find almost any of the models out there under $10k when you’re not looking at new trucks. You want the most dependable vehicle. Let’s first identify some of the models that people consider to be the best, and then it will be time to review some valuable tips regarding selecting the used truck. So, what are some of the best models that are selling in that price range?

The Nissan Titan and the Mitsubishi Raider are two of your options. Keep in mind that you’re going to have to find the right year in order for the price to be right. Some used trucks under $10k are a little older than others, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t dependable vehicles. In terms of the two models mentioned, the experts recommend looking more closely at a 2009 Mitsubishi Raider LS and a 2005 Nissan Titan. The Nissan would be more than a decade old, so take that into consideration.

Then there is the Ford Ranger and the Ford F-150. You knew that these two trucks would be on the list. The Toyota Tundra also makes the list. The Chevy Silverado and Colorado are both good picks, and two other great choices include the Dodge Ram 2500 and the Dodge Dakota. Now let’s review some great tips for buying used trucks under $10k.

It’s important to look at the maintenance history regarding any used truck. There should be a record kept, and there will be for the best used trucks out there. Keep on looking if the maintenance history isn’t provided for a truck you are interested in buying. That goes for the oil change records, too, and the accident history.

You also need to have truck inspected, whether you do it yourself using a checklist or take it to a mechanic. Consider what work needs to be done to the vehicle, if any. Take the mileage into consideration, look for body damage and rust and be sure that you’ve examined the tires. All of those things are chiefly important as you think about which used truck you’re going to buy.

Are you going to be able to pay cash? That would be best of course, but it’s up to you when it comes to financing a used vehicle. Just realize that financing a used truck means you pay more than $10k. It’s a whole lot better than financing $50k just for a dependable truck though. You’re wise searching out the best deals when it comes to used trucks out there on the market.

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John Kluttz is the owner and operator of Chesaco Car Co. in Baltimore, MD. He loves helping people find the right vehicle for a great price.

How Taxi and Fleet Vehicle Maintenance Differs from Non-Commercial Vehicles

Commercial vehicles are those vehicles used for the purpose of transporting goods and or paying passengers. Since these vehicles are used on a daily basis, they require more frequent maintenance than regular passenger vehicles. In most cases, they are serviced every set number of miles. Typically every thousand miles or so.

Tire tread is monitored closely and tires are replaced as required. Fluid levels are checked and other routine maintenance is done on a more frequent basis to ensure the safety of the passengers and the products that these vehicles carry.

Row of taxis at a service and repair shopAny low levels of fluids are replaced or changed and replaced. Tires are changed and updated and other issues with the vehicles are all serviced in order to keep the vehicle in top peak performance.

Companies do this for a myriad of reasons including to prevent any lawsuits that may ensure from unsafe vehicles. In the long run, it’s a very cost saving measure to service such fleet vehicles and taxis on a more frequent basis.

There are also non-transportation-related factors, as well. For example, Ubiquitous Taxis is a UK-based company that services taxis covered with taxi advertisements on a vinyl wrap. A large part of their business involves just the service and replacement of these taxi adverts.

However, as more companies begin to comply with recommendations for fleet maintenance, their bottom lines begin to improve by saving more costly repairs in the long run.

Not all companies are created equal. Many focus solely on the business itself and have left the maintenance issue on the back burner in an effort to build their business more quickly.

However, this isn’t in the best interest of the company and in fact, can actually devalue the business if they don’t put the safety measures of routine maintenance into place.

By more frequently maintaining their commercial vehicles, they are in fact, improving the safety of their company and their business. The simple act of routinely checking these vehicles for fluid levels and tire tread as well as brake functions they are in fact, able to improve their overall rating of their business. There is a full list of items on the OSHA site that should be checked regularly.

Customers do notice whether or not a company vehicle is safe. A squeaky brake is reason for concern for many customers. Thus, it’s important to focus on routinely checking such vehicles.

Whether it’s every thousand miles or every week these vehicles are vital components to the business wherein they function. Some are going to get heavier use than others but all of them will get plenty of use as commercial vehicles.

Insurance rates will improve with vehicles as well as safety. Companies that truly care about the safety of their customers and products will ensure that they’re vehicles are maintained and properly cared for.

By taking this extra measure of precaution they are helping to build their business and improve how it works.

While it may be perfectly fine to service your personal vehicle every six months, commercial vehicles will be getting more use so they will require more frequent monitoring.

Would you rather get into a taxi that has been serviced recently or one that has never been serviced? It’s a simple choice.


Finding The Right Auto Repair Mechanic

Have you ever wondered why auto repair is so expensive? Does it seem unreasonable to you? Well the answer is actually pretty easy, the reason why most mechanics charge so much for their service is because not only have they studied a long time in order to get the right qualifications for the job but it’s also the experience that comes into the cost. You are not just paying for the service that the mechanic is providing you with but also the service of them knows what could be wrong with the vehicle without having to take every screw apart.

is a very hard quest, and it can be frustrating, especially if you are not aware what to look for. First of all, let us recommend that you ask your friends for a recommendation, if your friends already have a good relationship with a mechanic that has proven to be appropriately priced and reliable, then you should get introduced and form a relationship of your own.

If that is not an option, then we recommend reading reviews online, go to some directories and websites where people can leave reviews for local businesses, read through some of these to decide if one catches your eye.

The last recommendation on this subject is to just go to meet some with your car, and let them give you a report on the status of your car, tell them your budget and ask them for their rates. Ask them what kind of parts they use, if they only use parts manufactured by the brand of car that you are driving or if they are happy to use third party parts or sometimes even second hand parts.

Second hand parts; this is such an important subject to consider.

Some parts of your car are extremely expensive to purchase new, a lot of parts are only available by the main manufacturer, and they know this, so they hike the prices right up and you have no choice but to buy that product in order to get your vehicle back on the road. Until now. If you speak to your auto repair crew, I am sure they have connections with some second hand part dealers, or even scrap yards, where you can get some superb quality parts for your vehicle.

Let’s say you have a small fender bender and you now need a new bumper, in a lot of cases this can go into four figure sums. Which is totally unnecessary, call up your local vehicle scrap yard and ask them if they have a vehicle of your make, model and color, and if they do, ask them if you can come and get yourself the front bumper. In most cases, these scrap yards are totally happy for you to do this for a very low fee!

Tires, can also be a very costly purchase, but do they have to be?

Absolutely not, with tires the magical part is that many people change their ways before they have to, for whatever reason. It is said that for a tire to be road legal and efficient it needs 2mm tread left on it. What if I told you that you can find part worn tires to be fitted by your auto repair crew for a fraction of the cost of a new one. In order to find these we recommend calling up your auto repair shop and asking them for a contact, or alternatively you can call the scrap yard where you bought your bumper. We hope that you got everything that you needed in this little blog post. Come back soon!

Basic Automotive Maintenance